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How does China participate in Collective Action for the Ocean?

May 24, 2022

Revitalization, Collective Action for the Ocean is this year's World Oceans Day theme. So, when did China participate in the activities of World Oceans Day? The answer is 2008. In this year, China began to launch the "National Oceans Publicity Day" activities, and set the time on July 18 every year.

China's marine economy

Since 2010, the State Oceanic Administration has changed the National Ocean Awareness Day to June 8 every year, which is the day of World Ocean Day. And, every year on this day, China organizes events and promotes marine conservation.


According to the latest study, China's marine economy has reached a total of 2 trillion yuan, and China's marine economy continues to maintain steady growth. In addition, the emerging marine industries are beginning to show good vitality.

OUCO and marine economy

A questionnaire survey of marine-related enterprises conducted by China's natural resources department showed that, in the first quarter of 2022, 53.2% of marine renewable energy utilization enterprises, 55.9% of marine pharmaceutical and biological products enterprises, and 61.1% of marine engineering equipment manufacturing enterprises achieved year-on-year growth in revenue.

So what event does China hold for World Oceans Day? Actually, China has actively responded to the Collective Action for the Ocean. As early as April 22, Earth Day, Chinese environmentalists have been in action. in Hainan, They have organized a campaign called "GO! CORAL GUARDIAN!" to protect coral reefs, which will continue until June 8, World Oceans Day.

Collective Action for the Ocean Protecting Corals

The highlight of the event is to gather extreme sports enthusiasts and work together with marine environmentalists to expand the impact of the event, to spread the knowledge of coral reef protection to more people. Make more people realize the importance of protecting coral reefs, act for the ocean, and participate in ecological protection.

Why does China attach importance to coral reef protection? In fact, China has a long coastline, especially in the South China Sea, where a large number of coral reefs grow. Coral reefs not only serve as natural coastal barriers, but also have the potential to dissipate wave energy, reduce coastal erosion, and protect subtropical coastlines.

Collective Action for the Ocean-Protecting Corals

In addition to the scope of China, near the equator, naturally suitable environments proliferate, creating a beautiful and colorful marine world.

However, according to research statistics, 20% of the world's corals are already extinct, and a third of the world's stony coral species are in danger of extinction, there are no well-preserved coral reefs in the world, and it is expected that by 2030, close to 60% of the world's corals will be extinct!

Therefore, we urgently need to participate in Collective Action for the Ocean, protecting the ocean is protecting ourselves, for the beautiful coastline, let's support and spread this activity together!


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