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May 5, 2018

In the industrial modernization construction process, the realization of the mechanization has been popular in various production fields are mechanical equipment and the corresponding, is specialized for port crane port cargo transportation, such as metallurgical crane is designed for metallurgical industry. Although carefully designed, but in the application process, the port crane will encounter some unexpected circumstances, such as rainy days, crane wheels easily slip, thus affecting the work. Are there any effective solutions to this problem?


Port crane is generally used outdoors, so it is easy for rain in the rain in the slipping condition, in order to avoid the difficulties in the operation of equipment or safety accidents, starting with the crane tire, can be fixed on the skid tyre anti-skid chain, this is done in order to increase the friction between the tire and the the ground, thereby reducing the risk of slipping.


Safety, outdoor use cranes in rainy days the best disabled, and complete the rainproof measures, even if the recovery operation time to clean water, make the crane maintained in the best working condition, ensure the security and stability of the complete lifting task.