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How many types of electric hydraulic grabs are there?

March 22, 2022

Electric hydraulic grab buckets can grab all materials, The grab is mainly composed by Shackle,Press Rods, Oil cylinder, Motor, Hydraulic System,Scoops, Bucket Flap and other components.


It is a kind of grab with its own motor, hydraulic pump and other hydraulic systems, can be connected to external power supply through the wire and cable to achieve electric operation, has high efficiency.


There are many common types of electric hydraulic grabs, Such as Electric hydraulic clamshell grab, Electric hydraulic orange peel grab, Electric hydraulic timber grabs, Electric hydraulic rectangular grabs and so on. Next, OUCO will introduce you to these types of electric hydraulic grabs!


1. Electro-hydraulic clamshell grab

The scoop is a clamshell structure, which is loaded&unloaded cargo through the opening and closing of grab scoops. It is specially used for grabbing powder, granular or bulk materials (fertilizer, grain, coal, coke, ore, sand, granular building materials, crushed stone or other bulk materials, etc.), docks, ironworks, power plants, ships, etc. It can be used in waste incineration plants, etc., and can be used with various cranes such as tower cranes, marine cranes, harbour cranes, truck-mounted cranes, etc.


2. Electro-hydraulic orange peel grab

Orange peel grab bucket is divided into two kinds of buckets, fully enclosed and not fully enclosed, fully enclosed for grabbing small stones, sand, coal and other small particles of Materials (such as coal slag, iron material, scrap steel, slag, garbage, stone and other bulk materials), not fully enclosed for grabbing scrap steel, garbage and large stones and other irregular materials, orange peel grab buckets can basically have 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 peels.


The electro-hydraulic orange peel grab bucket can be directly connected with the hook in a simple and convenient way. It has high grabbing efficiency and stable working performance, and widely used in docks, steel mills, waste incineration plants and other occasions, and can also be used with various types of cranes such as tower cranes, ship unloaders and truck mounted boom cranes.

Electro-hydraulic orange peel grab

Electro-hydraulic orange peel grab

3. Electro-hydraulic rectangular grab

Electric hydraulic rectangular grab is similar to the electro-hydraulic orange peel grab. However, there are some differences, such as the arrangement of the scoops, the direction of opening and closing. It is mainly used with a single hook crane, then it can clean up household waste in lakes, steel mill scrap, or to help freight trucks load and unload scrap steel. It can grab irregular materials and is widely used in steel mills and docks.


4. Electro-hydraulic wood grab

Wood grabs are mainly used for grabbing and loading of various sizes of logs, timber, pipes, drums and other objects, It can grab single or multiple woods, Suitable for gripping different types of wood, bundled MHG type round logs or individual MBG type round logs.

Wood grabs can be used with cranes such as tower cranes and door cranes. It is widely used in dock, forestry, wood processing raw material yard and other places, and can be used with various types of cranes such as tower crane and truck mounted boom crane.


5. Electro-hydraulic straw grab

Straw grab is a kind of material handling equipment specially developed for straw power plants, mainly for unloading, stacking storage and feeding of straw bales. This kind of grab works at a high level, and it is adapted to the needs of the power plant straw silo working environment which is wet, dusty, frequently used and uninterrupted.


6. Electro-hydraulic excavator grab

The hydraulic system of excavator grab comes from excavators and cranes. According to the shape, it can be divided into clamshell type and orange peel type, the clamshell excavator grab consists of two buckets, and the orange peel excavator grab consists of three or more buckets. The excavator grab itself is equipped with an opening and closing structure and is generally driven by hydraulic cylinders, so the grab consisting of multiple bucket is also called a hydraulic bucket.

Electro-hydraulic excavator grab

Electro-hydraulic excavator grab


The hydraulic excavator grab has a simple structure, Safe and reliable operation. It is suitable for construction foundation pit excavation, Used for deep pit excavation on construction sites, excavator grabs can be loaded with mud, sand, broken coal blocks, irregular gravel, etc. In addition, it is more flexible and can be used in uneven or restricted spaces.


The above are several common electric hydraulic grabs introduction, there are some small categories will not be introduced here, the next article, we will introduce you a more special, affordable hydraulic grab - remote control grabs. If you are interested, stay tuned with us!