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Introduction of stiff boom marine crane

February 22, 2022

A crane is a machine that can lift objects vertically and move objects horizontally within a certain range. Intermittent action and work cycle are the working characteristics of cranes. There are many types of cranes. This time we mainly introduce a widely used crane - stiff boom marine cranes.

Use environment of stiff boom marine cranes
Stiff boom marine cranes are usually used in docks, fixtures and ports, and are installed on the hull, ship deck or shore, and are used for loading and unloading of various cargo ships.
It is also applicable to the lifting of goods from ship to ship.



Steel Deck Stiff boom marine cranes

Features of stiff boom marine cranes
Generally, wire rope luffing or rack luffing structure can be adopted, and it can rotate 360 degrees. Can lift or load and unload cargo. For example, column rigid jib cranes, offshore vertical cranes, rigid jib offshore cranes, fixed jib marine cranes, etc. produced by OUCO, compared with other types of cranes, straight jib cranes have the advantages of low price, simple structure and stability . And has the characteristics of reliable operation, convenient operation and convenient maintenance. However, you should also note that compared to knuckle-boom cranes and telescopic cranes, straight-boom marine cranes take up more space, are less flexible and result in fewer lifting points. When using, pay attention to the sea surface conditions, keep the Tirm of the hull ≤ 2°, and the Heel ≤ 5°.

Working Scope of stiff boom marine cranes
The general straight-arm marine crane can luff from 0° to 75°, and the slewing adopts a turntable slewing ring, which can achieve 360° full rotation. That is to say, the working range of this type of crane is the distance from the minimum luffing angle of the boom to the maximum luffing angle. In addition, it also has a normal lifting function. Of course, if you have special requirements for the crane luffing angle, OUCO can also customize it according to your needs.
The above is what we have introduced to you about the stiff boom marine crane. If you are interested, please visit our official site for further information!