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Introduction to Various Booms of Marine Crane

February 10, 2023

Marine cranes are essential pieces of equipment for the maritime industry, providing reliable and efficient lifting capabilities for cargo, personnel and other materials.


Their booms are the backbone of their operation, and come in a variety of styles and sizes to meet the needs of any job.

From telescopic boom to knuckle boom, these specialized pieces of machinery are designed to provide maximum flexibility and performance for a range of marine operations.

What is a crane boom of marine cranes?

A crane boom of a marine crane is the long arm that extends from the crane's base, designed to provide reach and flexibility for the crane operator. It is equipped with a variety of tools and attachments to perform the various tasks required of the crane, including lifting and transferring cargo, personnel or supplies.


Marine cranes come in a variety of boom styles and sizes, each providing unique capabilities and features to best suit the needs of the job.

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How many types of crane boom are there?

There are several different types of crane boom, including telescopic boom cranes, stiff boom cranes, knuckle boom cranes, A-Frame cranes, and foldable boom cranes.


Stiff boom crane is low cost and easy to maintain to meet most of the work requirements, but it has few lifting points and takes up a lot of space, which is its disadvantage.

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Telescopic boom cranes feature a long and adjustable telescoping arm, allowing for better reach and flexibility.

Knuckle boom cranes are designed for greater maneuverability and are often used in tight spaces.

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The folding boom uses multiple hydraulic cylinders to form a joint-like boom connection mechanism, which makes it faster in completing the action and more efficient in working and can work in smaller places. The folding function can avoid taking up space and is suitable for working in crowded places such as freight yards.

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A-Frame boom cranes have a more rigid structure and are often used in lighter duty lifting operations. Knuckle boom cranes are designed for more precise control and are commonly used for personnel lifting and deployment.

What is boom rest?

Boom rest is a feature of many crane booms that allows the lifting section to be locked and fixed in place. This prevents swaying or swinging, allowing for more precise control when moving heavy loads.


The boom rests provide a mechanical connection between the boom arm and the main crane structure, making it stable and minimizing risks associated with shifting cargo or overloading.


Support the boom of the crane when the crane is not in operation, protecting the structure of the crane and prolonging its service life. It can also be used to support steel tubes, beams, drills, etc.

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Crane Boom Drive Mode

  • Electric drive - Low energy consumption, easy maintenance, low maintenance cost, but high construction cost

  • Hydraulic drive - Wide application and relatively low cost

  • Diesel driven - Self-sustainability without regional restrictions, smooth rotation speed prevents overloading of the work machine.

When looking for a reliable crane, you’ll want to consider the construction and design of the crane boom.


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