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What is the difference between a marine crane and an offshore crane?

March 9, 2022

The range of marine cranes is very wide. In fact, offshore cranes are also a type of marine cranes. So why do we compare marine cranes to offshore cranes? Because they are also somewhat different.

First, let us introduce marine cranes, which are usually installed on the deck of ships and used for lifting, handling, loading and unloading goods. Marine cranes are widely used in the maritime freight industry. They can not only save labor costs, but also effectively shorten the delivery time to increase the rate of trade transactions.

In the last century, in China, only large wharves and port cities were equipped with cranes and other equipment. As China plays an increasingly important role in international trade, Marine cranes can also be seen everywhere on some small and medium-sized docks or cargo ships.

Generally, cranes can be divided into two types, namely marine cranes and offshore cranes. Marine cranes are cranes installed on the decks of various ships. They are also called deck cranes in the industry. Most of the environments used are quiet harbors and seas or less windy waters.

marine crane

In addition to unloading cargo, it can assist cargo ships to do various related work, such as underwater rescue, salvage and fishing, etc. It has a wide range of applications and is favored by ship owners.


The general marine crane is installed on the deck of the ship. There are standard requirements for sea conditions.

It is only applicable to the wind force not greater than Beaufort level 2 and the sea state level not greater than level 1.

It can adapt to seawater fluctuations with a heel of ≤5° and a trim of ≤2°. Only in this way can safe and smooth operation and work be guaranteed.

One difference between offshore cranes and marine cranes is the applicable environment.

Offshore cranes are often used in offshore open waters. Compared with general marine cranes, they can adapt to more complex sea conditions.

Therefore, the offshore crane has higher requirements for the quality of the machine, and its steel structure and self-weight are more solid, which can maintain normal lifting work with the fluctuation of the sea level.
① Loading and unloading of materials or installations between cargo ships at sea
②Some fixed platforms, such as offshore drilling platforms and oil platforms, the supplement of living materials for platform workers, the transportation of technical personnel and materials
③ Some offshore cranes with higher loads can even complete the launch and recovery of submersibles and small yachts
④Of course, if you need it, the marine crane can also carry people. OUCO Marine Crane is equipped with Anti-Two Block and Emergency Stop Device. Ensure safe and smooth operation.


Telescopic Boom Marine Crane Anti-Two Block

We can see from the above that the two types of cranes are suitable for different environments, and this is the most obvious difference between marine cranes and offshore cranes. If we need to purchase marine cranes, we need to evaluate what kind of cranes are suitable for us according to different sea areas and sea conditions.

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