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world ocean day events in Norway

May 23, 2022

The 14th World Oceans Day will be celebrated on June 8 this year. Norway is proud of the sea and seafood.Norwegians pay more attention to the harmonious development of the oceans and human beings in the world ocean day events.

The ocean is what makes Norway vibrant, it feeds people and shapes the climate, and it is the origin of life on Earth.However, for thousands of years, the ocean and marine life are being forced to change due to the lack of human attention to protect marine resources...

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You may think that protecting the ocean is out of our reach, but the ocean is made up of droplets of seawater. There is a Chinese proverb: “Don't miss doing any good thing no matter how insignificant it looks, don't do any bad thing no matter how insignificant it looks”.

We should take an active part in world ocean day events in response to this year's World Oceans Day theme. In our daily life, we must start from the details and care for the ocean. Choose a low-carbon life as much as possible, reduce the use of plastic products, protect beach resources, learn more about ocean protection... It is imperative to cherish our blue home!

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We know that the Norwegian shipping industry has been at the forefront of the world, especially with regard to deep sea projects. In order to protect the oceans, Norway has presented a climate action plan in recent years. From 2030 onwards, Norwegian shipping companies will only be able to order zero-emission ships.

As of today, the technology and solution for zero emissions from new production ships is gradually being realized: the use of environmentally friendly fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia. Meanwhile, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set a goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

As a Nordic country, Norway has shown strong leadership in targeting zero emissions and has a lot of commercial potential in this regard.

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In addition, the Norwegian Marine Conservation Organization believes that the core element of protected oceans must include the establishment of large-scale no-fishing areas.

In addition to being a leading country in marine research and sustainable fisheries, Norway is also rich in oil, gas and fish, making it one of the richest countries in the world.

However, Norway's marine protected areas and no-take zones are still ranked low in the world, so there is a long way to go to protect the marine environment and a need for global cooperation, not only for our respective countries but also for the community of human destiny!

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June 8, 2022, is the annual World Oceans Day! OUCO Heavy Industry, which has a history of more than 30 years of development of the marine industry, we pay tribute to the maritime professionals who are committed to the sustainable development of the ocean, and thank them for their hard work while proposing marine protection.

OUCO will conduct a global live broadcast on June 8 this year to popularize marine knowledge, express high respect to marine workers, and benefit marine enterprises with price subsidies!

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