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Dubai and UN World Oceans Day

May 25, 2022

First, let's learn about the origin of UN World Oceans Day. This worldwide festival was established in 1992 at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The aim is to promote the participation of governmental and non-governmental organizations, Make countries pay attention to ocean-related issues.

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Dubai: coastal city

Originally, World Oceans Day was not an official United Nations festival until 2009, when the United Nations celebrated World Oceans Day for the first time. Since then, UN World Oceans Day has been celebrated on June 8 every year.

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UN World Oceans Day: Dubai Palm Islands

On the occasion of UN World Oceans Day, the United Nations Environment Programme and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have released a marine debris survey report, pointing out that the problem of marine debris is serious, and plastic waste and cigarette butts are the main components of marine debris.

Dubai is also deeply affected by the deterioration of the marine environment. Dubai is located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula and the south coast of the Arabian Gulf. It is the center of the Gulf region and faces the South Asian subcontinent across the sea. It is known as the pearl of the Gulf.

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Tourism and Hospitality in Dubai

Dubai has 734 kilometers of coastline, divided into two parts by a 14-kilometer-long bay, the southeastern part called Deira and the northwestern part called Bur Dubai. The Deira section of the bay is the most prosperous. Half sea water and half desert have created a peculiar and beautiful scenery along the coast of Dubai. Tourism and hospitality industries are flourishing in Dubai.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Dubai had a serious problem of seaside environmental pollution. The tides often carried garbage, untreated sewage and chemical waste, which made the beautiful and clear Dubai waterfront less touristy. The waterfront, which attracts large numbers of tourists, was once deserted. Until in recent years, Dubai's emphasis on the protection of the marine environment has improved the situation.

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OUCO Dubai Project

OUCO's products are well received in Dubai, where we have a large number of customers and are working with Aramco, we are committed to protecting the marine environment and caring for marine professional, and we call on our partners to actively participate in OUCO's Global Marine Festival, contribute to marine conservation and the marine economy in any way we can!


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