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How do I install a crane on a boat?

July 27, 2022

Many customers will ask us how to install a marine crane? Therefore, in this article, OUCO will introduce to you the points to note about installing marine cranes and inland cranes. Next, let's take a look at how to install a crane on your boat. Generally, there are two ways to help you install a crane on your boat.

Install Marine Cranes By Flange Connection

First, you need to pre-assemble the flanges on the deck of the boat, and then connect with the flanges at the bottom of the crane with nuts and bolts.

When installing the flange, it is necessary to pay attention to ensure the levelness and directionality of the flange, so that the holes are accurately aligned. Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary trouble in future use.

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Install Marine Cranes By Welding

Welding the crane to the deck, the benefit of this method is that it saves the step of welding the flanges, but the disadvantages are also obvious.

First of all, when the crane is scrapped, how to remove it is a big problem. During the demolition process, the deck is bound to be damaged, and if the deck is damaged, the cost will be even greater.

In addition, the ship will not be very stable in water, and there will be an inclination of heel and trim, so the direction of force is more special,

Therefore, the welder needs to have powerful skills in welding. When welding, it is necessary to consider not only the complex stress situation, but also the aesthetics of the welding.

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Which crane installation method is better?

OUCO still recommends the traditional flange installation method, because in the later stage, the crane is easy to replace and disassemble, which is convenient for maintenance and repair, and does not affect your work efficiency. In addition, this type of installation also has aesthetics.

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When should I install a marine crane?

Do not install the crane at sea, please install it when calling at the port.

Install the crane after you have a complete understanding of your boat.

Please avoid installing your crane in bad weather. Some components will be exposed to the natural environment during installation, and rain and dust may adversely affect the crane.

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Where can I install a marine crane?

You can install in Ships, pontoons, docks, ports, shore facilities, various offshore platforms and more.

You can choose to install permanently or temporarily as needed.

Prepare brackets, lift equipment and power sockets in advance before installation.

If you are not sure where your crane will fit, feel free to ask us!

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Can I use the crane immediately after the installation?

The following three situations need to be Re-lifting tests in accordance with the relevant provisions of the crane performance test before use.

  • The first time crane installation
  • Cranes after overhaul
  • Cranes with key performance changes

In addition, we will provide customers with load charts of the crane. You can use this chart to ensure the smooth operation and anti-overturning ability of the crane on the ship.

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How to install cranes on land?

As a stressed object, a crane base is essential. Generally, for small tonnage cranes (below 3 tons), the foundation depth needs to reach more than 1.5 meters to meet the hoisting weight in different situations.

The foundation material is reinforced concrete, which is the most common building material today, and the material strength is reliable.

The structure of the foundation adopts multiple groups of triangles to increase the force. Use a fence structure around to determine the size of the foundation. When everything is in place, the concrete can be filled, and when the concrete has set, the foundation is complete.

The number of main structural steel bars needs to be determined according to the number of flange holes. The main structural steel bars need to be higher than the structural steel bars, and the flange holes should be connected. For more information, see the pictures.

After the flange hole is installed, the next step is simple. Just like to install marine cranes, pair it with the flange of the crane, the installation steps are complete.

It is worth noting that, for the safety of the crane load, the flange at the bottom is usually one size larger.

Since the two flanges are different, we need to use an additional sleeve, which is a trapezoid structure to connect the two flanges. In this way, the two flanges can be paired, which not only looks beautiful, but also increases the safety of the crane.

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OUCO’s marine cranes are easy to install, we can help you clearly mark all the connection points of the crane.

Our engineers can also provide online video installation instructions, which are completely free. All of that is to make installation as easy as possible.

The above is the crane installation method introduced by OUCO for you. Thank you for reading.


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