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Radio remote control grab cannot be fully closed?

July 6, 2022

Last week, a customer inquired us about the after-sales service question about Radio Remote Control Grab, and we thought it was valuable for sharing with you. Therefore, if you have purchased the Radio Remote Control Grab, please read this article carefully.

Here is the Problem description:

"When handling the materials, workers found that the grab cannot be fully closed, there are material leakage at the site, but not many."


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Two ideas:

First, confirm whether the gap is getting bigger and bigger when grabbing the material, although radio remote control grab cannot be completely closed.


1. If the gap remains the same

It may be that the hydraulic oil is insufficient and there is air in the cylinder, resulting in a small amount of gas compression during the empty test of the grab, which is enough to withstand the force required for the grab to close.
However, when grabbing the material, the force on the oil cylinder becomes larger, and the amount of air compression is large, so it cannot withstand the force required for the closing of the grab bucket, and there is a situation that it cannot be completely closed.
Solution: Refill the hydraulic oil in the correct procedure.


2. If the gap becomes larger

Consider the large leakage of the hydraulic system valve, or the large leakage in the oil cylinder.
Solution: Test after cleaning the valve core. If the same problem still occurs, replace the valve core and change the cylinder seal.


1. The check valve spool inside the cylinder is stuck, and there are dirty parts inside the hydraulic system;
2. The solenoid valve is not closed, and the hydraulic oil flows back to the oil tank when it passes through the battery valve.


1. Change a new spool on the grab, and test the grab to see if it is still leaking any materials;
2. Clean the main spool (right in the picture below) and solenoid valve spool (left in the picture below) with diesel. At the same time clean the inside of the valve block (blow with compressed gas)

latest company news about Radio remote control grab cannot be fully closed?  1

radio remote control grab valve

We trust that this article will solve the difficulties you are encountering, but of course, if your problem remains unresolved, please contact us now!


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