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How does Greece guard their beautiful seasides?

June 2, 2022

Greece, once the birthplace of European civilisation, has a long history of protecting the sea, With a leading world ocean day ideas.

Greece had a distinctive maritime civilisation from early on, In today's Greek peninsula and the Aegean coast, the ancient Greeks created a splendid civilization.

Thanks to the prosperous trade of the Mediterranean, Greece had built up its own empire.

The ancient Greek civilization straddled Asia and Europe, while occupying the main sea transportation routes.

The extremely advantageous geographical location made the ancient Greek city-states the most excellent trading ports in the Mediterranean region.

To date, Greece has also paid particular attention to the state of the country's oceans, and Greek maritime professional have dedicated themselves to their conservation.

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Every year for World Oceans Day, Greece has a lot of World Oceans Day ideas about protecting the oceans.

This year, the world ocean day ideas in Greece is diving, and the event name is "ONE OCEAN – MILLION REASONS TO SAVE IT", which aims to help save our oceans by organizing people to take part in diving, photography and awareness campaigns.

Santorini in Greece

Greece is leading the way in marine conservation, for example, the local government has established the world's first permanent dolphin sanctuary on the small island of Lipsi, south of Samos in the eastern Aegean Sea.Blue flag

In addition, the water quality in Greece is very good. In the 2022 annual "Blue Flag" award selection, European Foundation for Environmental Education awarded 581 blue flags to Greek beaches, Greece is the second highest number of blue flags in the world, after Spain.

The Aegean Sea

The 2022 World Oceans Day is coming, and OUCO will also adhere to the new world ocean day ideas, which is the theme of this year's Oceans Day, "Revitalization, Collective Action for the Ocean".

The first Global Marine Festival is hereby held, Join us with insightful people around the world to devote ourselves to marine protection and popularize marine knowledge.

Take a closer look at the work and life of seafarers and learn about the unique culture of offshore work. Stay tuned for the global livestream at OUCO on June 8 and we'll see you soon.


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